E2EVC 2015 Lisbon, November 13 - 15, 2015, Novotel Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

FINAL AGENDA. Registration closes on November 1, 2015.

Saturday, November 14, 2015 (Second day) Start 10.00

         ROOM  3                                                                           
10.00 - 10.40 Session Topic: "IOT" session about Arduino's, GPIO's, sensors and other cool stuff
Short description: A presentation about how you can use microcontrollers like an Arduino (or Raspberry Pi / Intel Edison) and build cool stuff, play with sensors, lights, and other stuff MacGyver couldn't do. Ow, and you might connect it to the mighty interweb and its IOT... combine it with Octoblu and you’re halfway done taking over the world! *evil grin*
Presenter: Ingmar Verheij
Session Topic: Citrix ShareFile, the true “hybrid” EFSS solution PART 1
Short description: In this session George will dive deeper into the ShareFile flexible storage options that are available, including key integrations with partners.  This session will also review the vast end-point options which help deliver an industry leading end user experience.
Presenter: George Christophi, Citrix

10.40 - 10.50 Break Break
10.50 - 11.30 Session Topic: Microsoft Hybrid Cloud – How to get there?
Short description: Get an Overview of Microsofts Hybrid Cloud Capabilities and find out how YOU can use if efficiently
Presenter: Natascha Merker and Benedict Berger, Microsoft MVP
Session Topic: Citrix ShareFile, the true “hybrid” EFSS solution PART 2
Short description: In this session George will dive deeper into the ShareFile flexible storage options that are available, including key integrations with partners.  This session will also review the vast end-point options which help deliver an industry leading end user experience.
Presenter: George Christophi, Citrix

11.30 - 11.45 Break Break
11.45 - 12.25 Session Topic: Windows Server 2016: Nano Server and Containers
Short description: Nano Server and Containers are new features within Windows Server 2016 that allow for some new architectures. Find out when and how to use them.
Presenter: Benedict Berger, Microsoft MVP
Session Topic: XenServer deep technical dive and myth-busting the Container vs. VM debate
Short description: Learn about what the XenServer development team have been up to this year. Hear about the current XenServer technology preview and its' focus on virtualized graphics, storage technologies, and cost reduction for XenDesktop and XenApp.
Also learn about what we're up to with containers. There is FUD around that's predicting containers will render all hypervisors obsolete but is that really going to be the case?
Presenter: Robert Breker

12.25 - 12.35 Break Break
12.35 - 13.15 Session Topic: Mindf@ck!
Short description: RES VDX is a reverse seamless solution from RES Software. The software integrates local application windows seamless in your remote session using the virtual channel, no matter if you use RDP, ICA or PCoIP. In this session will be explained how the software is implemented, and what changes were necessary to run on Windows 8 and higher. No technical skills are required.
Leo Hofman

Session Topic: The Failover (im)possibilities of Citrix XenDesktop 7.x
Short description: When it comes to HA and Load Balancing within XenDesktop 7.6 and StoreFront what options do we have and how do they differ from what we were used to in XenApp 6.5? Will Citrix add in any additional features in XenDesktop 7.7, 8.0 etc.? And when we put on our own thinking caps, what do we come up with?! The past, the now and the future, in just 45 minutes we will try to cover some of the HA and Load Balance (Im)possibilities surrounding XenDesktop 7.6 and share with you what we think is still missing. Feel free to comment or come up with suggestions, in fact, please do!
Presenter: Bas van Kaam, community superstar and Wilco van Bragt, Microsoft MVP for Remote Desktop Services, Citrix CTP and VMware vExpert

13.15 - 13.40 Sandwich lunch / Coffee Break

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13.40 - 14.20 Session Topic: Truly understanding your end-user computing environment with uberAgent
Short description: End-user computing is complex, and centralizing apps and desktops does not make it simpler. uberAgent adds much needed visibility to the stack. In this session you will learn how to use uberAgent to find hidden performance bottlenecks.
Presenter: Helge Klein, Citrix CTP, Microsoft MVP and VMware vExper
Session Topic: How to set up a successfull HDX 3D Pro PoC with the SuperMicro/Nvidia Grid K2 Promo Bundle!
Short description: In his session Roy will show how to set up and pimp up the Hardware, setup XenServer (which is still the best hypervisor,ever) with a NVidia Grid K2 card. Then installing and configuring a complete and standalone XenApp/XenDesktop 7.6 FP2 environment as a „take-away PoC-box“.
Presenter: Roy Textor Citrix User Group Community DACH leader

14.20 - 14.30 Break Break
14.30 - 15.10 Session Topic: How To Legofy Your Infrastructure
Short description: This session is about creating standardized and dynamic IT infrastructures with a focus on RDS and VDI environments. I will show you how PowerShell, application Virtualization, Layering and Hyperconverged infrastructures can fit together.
Presenter: Sinisa Sokolic
Session Topic: Citrix Display bells and codec whistles
Short description: In this Citrix display codec deepdive session we will show you the impact of the different codecs on both user experience and resource utilization. This will ensure that you are able to select the right codec in every situation. We will provide demos to show our key findings and give you a sneak preview of a soon to be released handy tool.
Presenter: Bram Wolfs, Microsoft MVP in Windows IT Pro and Barry Schiffer, Citrix CTP
Session Topic: AppSense latest news, prodcuts
Short description: Learn all new stuff from AppSense expert Andrew Cooke
Presenter: Andrew Cooke
15.10 - 15.25 Break Break
15.25 - 16.05 Session Topic: System Monitoring with Lakeside SysTrack and App Containerization with FSLogix Apps 2.0
Short description: Part 1 of this session is about collecting, analyzing and visualizing machine data with Lakeside SysTrack. Part 2 gives you an overview of application layering and user profile containers provided by FSLogix Apps 2.0.
Presenter: Dr. Benny Tritsch, Microsoft MVP in Remote Desktop Services, VMware vExpert and Citrix CTP and Andreas Fleischmann, Lead IT-Consultant and Software Developer at Priant
Session Topic: Hydra Reloaded
Short description: Unified Vm Management for Vmware, Hyper-V, XenServer and Cloud services (UVMM), Terminal Services creation provider (Citrix, Microsoft) TScp), Unified application publishing for XenApp and RDS (UAP)
Presenter: Christian Troll and Markus Zierer
Session Topic: VMware Horizon Application Management Bundle — App Volumes Deep Dive
Short description: We will give a brief overview about the Horizon Application Management Bundle.
We will do a Deep Dive App Volumes session
We will explain the benifits for Citrix PVS environments and give real world examples
Presenter: Sebastian Brand, Peter Schraml, Carsten Dreyer @Vmware
16.05 - 16.15 Break Break
16.15 - 17.00 Session Topic: NVidia GRID V2, Remoting with 4K and much more
Short description: TBA
Presenter: Thomas Remmlinger
Session Topic: Citrix Workspace Cloud "Welcome to the Workspace Revolution!"
Short description: During this session we will try to get an understanding about Citrix Workspace cloud and its components (e.g. Lifecycle management, labs etc.)
We'll get into what kind of product it is and how (and why) it can be useful to manage your citrix deployments from the cloud. we'll also take a peak under the covers to see how the technology works and how it all fits in the bigger Citrix picture.
Presenter: Mick Glover and Gerjon Kunst

17.00 - 17.15 Break Break
17.15 - 18.00 Session Topic: How do you manage the performance impact of Win10 & Office 2016?
Short description: In this session Tom Willemsen (Support Engineer) & Rasmus Kindberg (R&D Engineer) will show you how seemingly simple changes can heavily impact the performance of your virtualized environment. How do you validate the performance? How do you keep your end-users happy? How can you limit downtime?
Using lab testing results and case studies Login VSI will answer these questions, demonstrate the importance of managing changes and how to keep a predictable performance.
Presenter: Rasmus Kindberg, Tom Willemsen and Bart Snijders
Session Topic: "The HOWs and WHY's of deploying bare metal XenApp onto HP Moonshot"
Short description: "When one of the worlds largest financial institutions wanted to reduce the cost of their 100k seat VDI deployment, they of course turned to the best guy XenApp guy in the industry. Unfortunately he wasn't available, so they got me. Over the past year, I've designed and built a new XenApp 7.6-based XenApp hosting environment based on HP Moonshot that meets all their high level objectives:
•Improve server density in the data centre
•Reduce the "watts per user" power consumption
•Remove the cost and complexity of the hypervisor
•Move away from VDI desktop delivery to XenApp application delivery
•Provide shared GPU access to all users and applications (future-proofing)
•Remove central single points of failure where possible (cloud-like approach, no PVS!)
In my session I'll cover some of the HOWs and WHYs of what we built"
Presenter: Neil Spellings, Citrix CTP
Session Topic: Citrix HDX 3D Pro
Short description:
Presenter: Barry Schiffer, Citrix CTP and Remko Weijnen, Citrix CTP

SUNDAY, November 15, 2015 (Finish at 15.00)

Session Topic: Microsoft Operations Management Suite Whats in it for you?
Short description: In this past year Microsoft announced the first Microsoft Management Service, the Operations Management Suite (OMS). With its strong data analytics and visualization capabilities, it provides an add-on to Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) worth considering Extend your management: Access new capabilities for advanced management across your servers, Build on what you own: Seamlessly integrate into your System Center environment
Presenter:  Adnan Hendricks, Microsoft MVP

Session Topic: Mastering your NetScaler automation
Short description: With the availability of the Puppet-Enterprise-supported Citrix NetScaler module you can now manage your NetScaler ADC devices and virtual appliances. Allowing you to manage the entire stack to deliver applications and desktops to Enterprise users. After introducing Puppet at Berlin, we will now dive into the automation of NetScaler deployments and configurations with Puppet.
Presenter: Esther Barthel, Citrix CTP & Hendricus Kramer

 10.10-10.20 Break
Session Topic: Become an Automation Ninja in 40 Minutes
Short description: In this session you will learn how to use the capabilities and tools available from Microsoft today and in the future to automate everything but yourself. A lot of hints and tricks from the field will round up a session going from Level 200 to 400
Presenter:  Michael Rüefli, Microsoft MVP

Session Topic: NetScaler + Powershell - Automating a BSD Device using Windows tools
Short description: Our session will give you an overview of how Citrix' NetScaler can be managed via Citrix' REST API and how this API can be used via Powershell. Our example will show how to secure your netsacaler using a single script. Additionally we'll give an overview over the variety of management tasks that can be executed using REST and PS.
Presenter: Carsten Bruns and Sven Jansen

 11.00-11.10 Break
 11.10-11.50 Session Topic: How Group Policy Impacts Logon Performance
Short description: Group Policy is used extensively in enterprises small and large to configure and secure desktops and applications. It is generally considered a powerful and reliable tool, if a little cumbersome at times. But what about performance? Which CSEs/modules should be avoided? How does the number of GPOs affect logon duration? Is loopback processing slow? Are WMI filters really that bad? Those any many other questions will be answered in this session.
In this session you will learn:
1) Architecture decisions affecting logon performance
2) Which settings to avoid
3) How to speed up user logons by optimizing Group Policy
Presenter: Helge Klein, Citrix CTP, Microsoft MVP and VMware
Session Topic: "Netscaler and its network implementation"
Short description: The Netscaler is a network device but it does not act like most network devices. There could be multiple NSIP, SNIP and VIP IP's and 1 or multiple-arms mode. Most Enterprise companys want to isolate the management network from the production network. Arp broadcasts should stick to the subnet where they belong. How can all this be done. Tips and tricks from real customer scnearios.
Presenter:  Kent Skovgaard

 11.50-12.00 Break
Session Topic: Atlantis USX: Think Outside the Box
Short description: One of the best things about software defined storage is the flexibility to architect interesting and bespoke solutions.  Remko and Jim will take you through some of the more complex and exciting projects they have done recently utilising the new features of USX 3.
This will include stretched clusters, replication, vVols and how to de-risk your project by architecting for flexible requirements.
Presenter: Andrew Wood, Citrix CTP and Jim Moyle, Citrix CTP

Session Topic: Netscaler insight – A brief introduction
Short description: What is NetScaler Insight, what it does and how to get it up and running. IN this session we’ll give you an overview of Netscaler Insight, what it reports on and how to get it up and runnin
Presenter: Andrew Morgan, Citrix CTP and VMware vExpert and Ronnie Hamilton

Session Topic: Docker Containers everything you need to know
Short description: Lear about what Docker is, what it can be used for and why you might consider to implement one yourself.
Presenter: Saša Mašić, VMware vExpert and Ton de Vreede

Session Topic: Real World examples of using Variables in NetScaler.
Short description: Learn how you can manipulate the dataflow in the logon process to Softlockout users when accessing data with invalid credentials.
This is a techincal session that deepdives into a fully working solution where 50.000 users where proxied through Citrix NetScaler.
Presenter: Nicholas Klingenberg Preetzmann & Mads B. Petersen

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