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E2EVC 2015 Berlin, June 12-14, 2015 Berlin, Germany

E2EVC Virtualization Conference is a non-commercial, virtualisation community Event.
Our main goal is to bring the best virtualisation experts together to exchange knowledge and to establish new connections. E2EVC is a weekend crammed with presentations, Master Classes and discussions delivered by both virtualisation vendors product teams and independent experts.
Started in 2003 with just 4 people and after 23 very successful events grown to awell-recognized event with over 140 attendees. In the last 11 years and 23 events, our conference has taken place in cities such as Munich, London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Frankfurt, Dublin, Paris, Los Angeles, Munich, Nice, Lisbon, Rome, Hamburg and Vienna. On average we have 30 sessions at each event. Topics are - server, application, desktop, storage virtualisation with products from vendors like Microsoft, VMware, Citrix and many more. Over 25 of the best virtualisation community experts present their topics. Many current virtualisation community leaders participated or still participate in our events. It's the people that attend, presenters that present and our sponsors who make this event possible.

The next Spring E2EVC Virtualization Conference in Europe in summer 2015 will take place in Novotel Berlin Mitte Hotel, Fischerinsel 12, 10179, Berlin, Germany. We expect about 140 visitors - as usual from all over the world, on average 20 countries including most EU states as well as visitors from USA, Canada etc.

In 2015 we will also have events in Orlando, USA on May 15 - 16, 2015, Hong Kong on May 29, 2015 and Lisbon, Portugal October 30 - November 1, 2015!

Not sure if you should join? Read the Blog's below to make up your own opinion:

Mike Resseler (Microsoft MVP), Bas van Kaam (Virtualisation community Superstar), Andrew Wood (Citrix CTP, ex-Microsoft MVP), Shane Brennan (cool Irish), Rory Monaghan (Microsoft MVP), Andrea Mauro (VMware vExpert)

E2EVC 2015 Berlin! June 12-14, 2015. Berlin, Germany
Friday to Sunday virtualization conference
Ticket include:
- Attendee fee for all three days 12, 13 and 14 of June - thats about 30 sessions and workshops
- Sandwich lunch on June 12 and 13; - Wireless access at event facilities; - Berlin Sightseeing on a Bus; - Networking night out on June 12, 2015; - Coffee
- Early access to the event presentation material and video recordings after the event as well as access to recordings from previous events

REGISTER, like over 120 people already, Just 399EUR for 3 days of knowledge, networking and beer!

Tickets are non-refundable. In case of cancellation or "no show" the ticket will be transfered to the next European Event (in this case E2EVC 2015 Lisbon)

E2EVC 2015 Berlin, Germany virtualization conference is made possible by the following companies:

AppSense is the leading provider of enterprise workspace management solutions that enable productive, secure workforces across desktop and mobile environments. The AppSense workspace management suite has been deployed by over 3,000 customers worldwide with over 6 million endpoints under management. Our solutions including DesktopNow, MobileNow and DataNow reduce IT complexity and improve the deployment and management of devices, applications, and data across the enterprise. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA with offices around the world. For more information on our IT solutions visit appsense.com.

SMS Passcode

SMS PASSCODE A/S is the internationally recognized technology leader in a new generation of two-factor authentication via SMS. A driving factor behind SMS PASSCODE A/S is the recognition that customer needs have changed, and hence the traditional approach to corporate asset security is inadequate. Essentially the most important company asset - information - is a great liability. And the increasingly global business environments call for greater flexibility in protecting these assets. Responsively SMS PASSCODE A/S develops solutions that empower organizations around the world to address the new unique challenges of our internet connected and threatened world in an easy yet very secure way.




uberAgent for Splunk takes Windows monitoring a step further. uberAgent does not just collect data - it gives you the information that matters. Other monitoring products rely on the performance counters built into Windows. uberAgent has its own metrics, covering key aspects of user experience and system performance.
Take logons: users are always complaining that logging on takes too much time. uberAgent not only tells you the exact duration of each single logon, it also shows you what is causing it: domain controller lookup, folder redirection group policy processing, logon script execution, to name a few.
Take performance: you keep buying servers and want to know where all that performance goes? Task Manager listing hundreds of processes does not help? uberAgent automatically groups processes to applications and gives you key indicators like IOPS or memory usage per application. Or per session. And if you abolutely insist: also per process.
All this data is not buried in a closed system, quite the contrary. As an add-on to Splunk, uberAgent gets to use all the capabilities of that great platform. And you get that, too: modifying or extending uberAgent is a snap with Splunk's intuitive UI.
More information is available on http://helgeklein.com

Silver Sponsor
code4ward.net provides IT consulting (specialized in System Center) and software development services. code4ward.net is also the creator of the award winning remote management application Royal TS, which is now – for the first time in the industry – offering a unique and powerful solution to manage Remote Desktop (RDP), Terminal (SSH, Telnet, etc.), VNC, and many more connections on Windows and OS X. Royal TS files can now be managed in teams with database-less synchronization support, even across both platforms. In addition, Royal TS provides Hyper-V remote control and management as well as real time performance counter monitoring on Windows. The ability to configure and embed almost any application on Windows makes Royal TS the best remote management solution in the industry. Files created with Royal TS can also be opened in Royal TSi for iOS, which is available for free in the iOS App Store. For more information about code4ward.net and Royal TS, visit http://www.code4ward.net or http://www.royalts.com
DigiCert is a U.S.-based Certificate Authority located in Lehi, Utah, and has been providing SSL Certificates and SSL management tools for over a decade. Unlike other CAs who offer dozens or even hundreds of products unrelated to SSL encryption, creating and supporting top-shelf digital certificates is all we do. This focused energy allows us to concentrate on providing our customers with the best products available, as well as unmatched support.

xenapptraining.com provides Citrix Product Training based on Real World Experience. This course is revolutionary and like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.
Whenever you’re setting up a new Proof of Concept or a new Production Environment based system, I’ll hold your hand and coach you through the setup and configurations step-by-step.
Problems or doubts? I’ll be there to help you. You’ll have personal contact with the instructor and unlimited free support. This is Citrix Expert Consulting Services for free!
What makes this course ground-breaking is the opportunity to request new training videos. I’ll constantly add new videos every month covering new products and updates from Citrix. The Membership video library (78 modules) grows bigger and bigger every month.
“Learn the secrets to pass your Citrix exams with flying colors and get up to speed with Real World Experience at the same time.”
For more information : http://xenapptraining.com/membership

Platinum Communication Sponsor

4real IT Solutions services the Dutch market with SBC and virtual solutions. With 15 years of experience in the IT field, creating a custom solution with industry standard products for the customer is our goal. Working with the very latest Citrix Products and other cutting edge vendors to deliver the best mix of price and quality. Supporting the E2EVC Community Conference because we believe networking is the way to do business. If you are looking for expert know how, bespoke implementations and great ROI talk to us today.
Twitter: @4realit

Media Sponsor

Virtual Engine are leading providers of desktop, user and application virtualisation solutions. We are proud Citrix Partners and hold the accolade of being the UK's first RES Consulting Partner.
Utilising our vast App-V, Citrix and RES experience we deliver both real-world consultancy and training. Training is delivered globally using our virtual, on-demand Showcase platform that provides the best user experience possible.
In addition to sponsoring E2E, Virtual Engine support the community with the free RES Demo Showcase, Virtual Engine Toolkit (VET) and App-V Configuration Editor (ACE).

Website: http://virtualengine.co.uk
Virtual Engine Toolkit: http://virtualengine.co.uk/vet
App-V Configuration Editor: http://virtualengine.co.uk/ace
RES Demo Showcase: http://virtualengine.co.uk/showcase